Meet Ruchika

Who am I? What do I do?

The simplest questions are the hardest to answer and are often the ones that keep evolving much like my path of learning.

I am Ruchika and for now: I am a loving mother to two ,a wife and a health coach.

I spent the first 23 years  in India  growing and learning ,and then the next 14 years travelling around the globe as a trailing spouse, learning and growing, more.   {And yes if you calculate that makes me thirtyseven }

Some of my beliefs are conventional –‘happy mumma equals a happy family’, and others challenge the norm of ‘consuming multi-colored pills instead of multi-colored leaves’. I have always listened to my gut and strongly believe in “Everything in moderation, including moderation”, that goes for Kale and Oreos alike. Over the last decade my focus has been to provide my family with the healthy food and lifestyle choices and raise my little humans with a strong set of values and an equally strong gut (digestive and intuitive).

But getting here has been a journey.

How I became a holistic health coach

I wish there was a great story to share of how and where it all began…

 One thing for sure I wasn’t born a health coach- as my kids say, it was not very long ago I enjoyed Christmas-colored Oreos and a glass of milk for 4 pm teatime. Today we all are not eating Oreos—- (the d@#% Fructose Corn Syrup).

Part 1–Life in India

I grew up in India -back in the days when processed foods were uncommon. I had the advantage of being exposed to intuitive and seasonal way of eating. We used fresh seasonal produce, herbs and spices- not only for everyday cooking but also for their healing properties.

Part 2– More than just “me”

I got married and my life-partner had wheels on his heels. That was the beginning of a new life as a global nomad. With the relocations came the excitement of seeing the world and the pain of restarting all over again. I soon realized it was not the change I was afraid of, it was the place in-between, where I had nothing to hold on to–the transition from the old to the new. To make this lifestyle a success I had to learn the other perspective- that there is no one truth. The painful transitions taught lessons of embracing change, and the concept of nourishing my own life. Having successfully overcome transitions eight times in fourteen years, I can with ease say “where next?” .

Part 2– Next Act

 Then came the man-cubs — and motherhood brought unending joys and my share of typical-mother challenges .With varying levels of medical attention as we continued our travels, I became the chief of their health care. I started relying more on my “gut feel” and was intuitively  drawn towards learning and applying alternative cures—herbal, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and tapping in to the healing powers of every day food, herbs and spices.

Let’s work together

My work with clients is much like my life. As we transition we learn, we grow and evolve. A nourished life is no destination… it’s a journey… to getting happier and healthier and along the way learning and enjoying the moment.

I truly believe everyone has the power to heal; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. As I endeavor to provide my world with the power to heal and remain healthy. It would be my privilege to share my expertise and support you as you nourish your life and your family. Work with me.