Pay It Forward Clean Eating Challenge

Are you ready to clean up your pantry and your body?

I sure hope so because the annual Pay it forward Clean Eating Challenge is kicking off on #givingtuesday November 28th 2017!

It all started in 2014. It was my first year in practice, I had set up my practice earlier that year in January. Not sure if I would get any clients to serve, I set myself a small goal of  7 clients. I was in for a surprise… November I had served 78 clients… naturally I was overwhelmed with filled with immense gratitude.

That’s when I decided to pay it forward, do something fun , do something so we could all eat healthier through this busy season of joy, do something so we actually feel happier and healthier in January …..

……And now it’s a tradition!

Why is it called Pay it Forward? I watched a movie by the same name in early 2000, and the essence of the movie has not left me since. If you have not watched the movie , it would  make a good holiday movie.

Each day during the challenge I will be posting ideas and recipes to eat clean—- Something easy that you can add into your life and not have to take anything away especially during the holidays.

To be honest, the first time I did this, I wasn’t sure how things would go because it was the holidays and all. Who has time to eat clean during the busiest time of year?

But I was surprised by how everyone was into it! Over a hundred participated and even ‘til this day, many still are eating clean using those recipes and tips.

This is what some of the participants had to say-

Will you join us this year? Let us live nourished together.

Here’s  how:
Sign up here for the five day clean Eating Challenge here, join the Facebook group, share the challenge with your family and friends and pay it forward!

Oops I forward to mention one thing… You show up committed and don’t pay a penny…. Yes it is free.

P.S.  Let’s get our friends eat clean with us,too!
You can post this your Face Book timeline:  Join the FREE  Pay it forward Clean Eating Challenge!  I did!  “Friends help friends live nourished”. Join here

Thank you with all my heart!

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