Work with me

You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Even when you are not sick and tired you don’t feel anywhere close to a 100%.

You want to play a more proactive role in staying healthy.

You want to follow your belief “Prevention is better than cure”.

You want to feel HEALTHIER and HAPPIER and you are ready to TRY a new approach.

You need someone to guide you.


You are a care giver. Always. All the time.

You hold yourself together, so you can hold others together.

You give every ounce of care and have no time and energy for self-care.

You realize you need to receive, so you can continue giving.

so you can continue adding nourishment to the lives of those whom you love .

You need someone to support you nourish YOUR life.


You are a parent.

You are concerned about raising your family in today’s world of overly engineered and processed foods.

Growing and cooking everything in your backyard and kitchen would be ideal (but at times unrealistic).

You often have the information yet implementing seems complicated.

You are confused about what to eat and feed.

You need someone to make this simple. 


You are going through a change in life.

(Relocation, new baby or any other life changing event)

Your emotions are all over the place and you fear it is affecting your mental and physical health. You know transitions can be painful but this time it seems endless.

You need someone to help you manage the stress and anxiety.

 Does any of this sound like YOU?

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My techniques are flexible, free of denial, deprivation, and calorie counting.

I guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you and are sustainable in the long run. We don’t have to live in a utopian world to make this possible; we have to live a real life and have to learn make the best choices from what is available.  Learn more how we can work together.